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Powerhands Training Program and Aid

  • If you DO NOT reduce YOUR Elbow Pain in 7 days. Or have a strength increase. You can return the POWERHANDS and receive a Full Refund, plus $20 Cash back!


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    Each individual pack includes:

    • Extra light – yellow (2lbs)
    • Light – red (2.5lbs)
    • Medium – green (3.3lbs)
    • Heavy – blue (4.4lbs)
    • Exclusive Access to the Pro PowerHands drills videos, will be available in May
    • Train anywhere

    Injury prevention, Rehabilitation, and Strengthening, at your fingertips, with the compact POWERHANDS resistance training program. POWERHANDS are designed to rehabilitate and prevent injury, and increase your hand, wrist and forearm strength up to 54% in only 7 days.